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Springing on from Winter

Oooofftttt! As I sit here listening to Daughter's "Youth" and this moment coincidentally pops up, I'm feeling strangely nostalgic thinking over the last 6 months... it's been a crazy ole time full of change, tears, laughs, meeting people, missing people, ups and downs. Now as Winter is apparently behind us and Spring is in full swing I look towards future sunny and rainy days. Life moves on whether we stay still or not so we are left no choice but to keep moving. And better things will always come. I have been so lucky to have kind and loving people around me to pick me up on the days when the clouds are darker than usual. I have been even luckier to be trusted and supported by the lovely and creative folk that I have the privilege to work with. This year is growing more exciting by the minute. It's not been easy sailing and there will always be storms that we can't control but I feel stronger to brace them. I've taken so blinging long writing this that I've been serenaded by the Smiths and now Animal Collective. There is a light and it never goes out...but that's not a bad thing. Everything in life is fleeting. Some moments longer than others. Enjoy what you have while you have it and when it's time to let it go to find new happiness, be brave. x

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