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Fear stops us from doing the things we should and the things we want. Fear stopped me from facing you as you got weaker. Fear told me it might not happen Fear convinced me there was time when there was not Fear had me make excuses Fear made me helpless as you slipped away Fear made me numb as the shock impacted Fear haunts me now as I can't change anything Fear sees me miss you until it hurts Fear makes me wonder Could I have done more? Would it be different? Would you have tried? I'm so sorry I was scared. I couldn't be brave for you then. They say that when someone dies you are frightened because being faced with death reminds us of our own imminent fate. I say that may be true. To an extent. When you lose a close loved one which I'm sure most of you have. It's not the fear of your own death that scares you.

It's the fear that the person is really gone and you will never see them again

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