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While listening to music on my phone today I thought about why some songs hit an emotional spot yesterday but had little to no affect on me today. The song in question was <a href="" title="rihanna">Love The Way You Lie Part 2</a>. I'm not ashamed to admit that yesterday I found myself listening intently to every word, every inflection of the voice, subtle variations and dramatic effects in production and they all struck an emotional chord. Contrary to popular belief I am not a music snob. To be brutally honest I'm not really sure what the definition of a music snob is but I'm guessing thinking that my taste is better than others. Doesn't everyone think their music tastes are best? That's why they listen to what they listen to. Because they enjoy it. I dont push that my music tastes are better but i do express maybe loudly what i like and what i dont. Where I cause friction is perhaps the urge to introduce people to unfamiliar music. I love the thought that someone may discover some new band or genre and find a new refreshed enjoyment in music. But unfortunately most folk do not share this enthusiasm which leaves me at a loss. However! All that aside. Why did I enjoy yesterday's music yesterday but not today? Can it be the mood I'm in? That would make sense. Or perhaps that the problem with recorded music and film compared to live music and theatre is that every repeat will be exactly the same. Sometimes you will notice a sound or image you hadn't consciously noticed before but the performance, intonation and movement will be the same. Every reaction the same as it was before. There are some wonderful scenes that I could happily watch over and over again but for the most part I'm left unimpressed and even my favourite films or songs have their days of inflicting boredom. With the techniques learned at the <a href="">ACS studio</a> the actors learn to create a new performance every time. This doesn't mean that they force improvisational changes but that they react truthfully in the moment to natural changes be it in themselves, the other actors or the unexpected. Rather than force, the approach is much simpler and easier on the actor. They don't try and repeat the last performance. It can't ever be the same so why try and imitate it? As with live music the musicians perform the same music but it never sounds the same way twice. Just as the performance is likely to change due to environment, audience and surroundings. So for today I would like some truthfulness and something new. Those of you that know me well know I often go on a quest for honesty. And why not? Keep Smiling :) Sarah-Beth xx

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