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Healthy Hocus Pocus

So a month or so ago I saw a proper tarot reader for the first time and had my tarot read. It was a strange day and I remember the events as they unfolded. I had been out the evening before with a friend and lots of questions had arisen that night about love, relationships, career, life and the future. I woke on the Sunday morning with a gutsy hangover but also a heart and head full of questions, love and fear.

Determined to seize the day and feed my stomach I decided to venture to the outside world in search of food which was a little challenging in my delicate state. But off I went and decided to find a cafe of some sort. I wondered aimlessly up and down the local streets waiting for inspiration to snatch me and fill my tummy. It did not. I ventured further, further than my usual comfort zone in the somewhat fragile condition and saw some boats racing in the park. I continued further, feeling fateful and curious. I saw some balloons and saw there had been a market. I nearly continued on until I saw that the market was actually on right now so ventured across despite my growing fear of people and the outside world and the growing hunger (which I usually have but worse) and grew excited at the hidden treasures of the lane market. I saw some people I knew and felt relaxed. At the back corner something caught my eye. A tarot reader. I thought...why not?

I waited till the previous customer had gushed their way through their reading and I remember thinking some cynical thoughts, strong because I'm a pretty opened minded person. But can cards really tell fortunes?

My heart, full of conflict of love, fear, and confusion warmed to the idea and despite not asking me any questions the reading began.

A month or so later I returned and found that my reading had progressed even further. Questions had been answered and decisions had been made and acted out. I don't want to go into details of the actual readings themselves or what was said about what but count me impressed and converted. You may count me a fool instead but that's okay too.

Regardless I felt spurred into action. To take control of my life and my approach to happiness. and so I find myself working away on a day off, planning my future and taking control of the only things that I can. I also find myself opening up to life and it's possibilities. That's the hardest part. I had closed off from a lot of people, holding onto the past will do that. But the past will always be there and if I keep looking after it I will miss the present. It might be that there is magic in the world, I'd like to think so. It might be that there are energies and powers or explainable things that we just don't understand yet. It might be a load of old hocus pocus! But whatever, it had helped me make healthy choices and come to a healthier place to move forward and continually find happiness in my life.

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