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So today I saw a wee bairn (that's child to the non-Scots). My friends wee girl Orla who is as cute as anything but also knows how to get what she wants. How do they learn so quickly? The trick is confidence and determination. Young kids think simply. 1*What would I enjoy? 2*How do I get it? 3*What to do when you won't give me it! It's basic problem solving and though as one gets older the situations they face become more complex and more tact needs adopted in the approach-the rules are still the same. The problem is most of us (myself included) get stuck at point 2 or even 1 and those brave enough to try, give up after 3, the killer of all killers - rejection. Rejection comes in many forms. For anyone in the business of performance rejection is a familiar friend and foe. Within the world of acting it is almost expected that you will suffer a majority of rejections for roles with only a small glimmer of successes. At acting schools you are often taught to learn to face and accept rejection. Who am I to say that I feel this approach may not be the best? I am someone who has self doubted and self critised for far too long. There comes a time when you must step away from negativity. Words like "rejection". These folk aren't choosing you either because of your look, style or personality. That seems harsh but always take into consideration that in most auditions, panels see a great deal of people, have limited time to make a decision and most likely have an image or idea of what they are looking for. So rather than beating oneself up about being rejected refer to the 3 steps above. 1*what would I enjoy? Trying for more parts that suit me and inspire/excite/interest me. Go for goals that are ambitious. 2*how do I get it? By trying rather than doing nothing. Puzzle it out. Try different ways of networking, self promotion and work. Keep going evaluating the errors along the way. 3*what to do when you won't give me it? Don't give up! Look at why the project/ cv/ performance might be unappealing. Trial and error. Don't be afraid to ammend and even start from scratch if you're really struggling. At the same time always keep in mind number 1*. What's the point if you're not enjoying it? If you truly believe in what you are doing or your technique by all means be open to suggestions but don't give up what you enjoy if you think it's worth fighting for. Keep Smiling :) Sarah-Beth xx

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