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<em>"Of course I will stress. I always stress. I have to take care of you and I will stress. You've had too much badness in your life for me not to stress about you"</em> Someone said this to me recently and it really struck a chord. What is poetry? Merely words describing imagery or situations often under conditions such as rhythm, pace and style. Repetition is common as is a repeated phrase that acts as a core thread for the writing. For me the above is a poem. It's short and powerful. The words are full of meaning and intent. The statement has a purpose and a beginning, middle and end. Though the words are simple, vague and repeated there's a distinct narrative and a story becomes obvious. The stress of the repeated word 'stress' builds pace and stake and even the intention of the word <strong>stress</strong> changes perception. Personally "you've had to much badness" strikes a tender chord. With any written word, the lack of tone means writing can be misinterpreted and the intention misconstrued. For the beginning, the tone could appear harsh and scolding but the last line appears to soften the whole statement and reveals concern, sympathy and protectiveness. And perhaps I know this to be the truth as I witnessed the source. <strong>However</strong> this is open to interpretation. And any reader/audience member may accept a different opinion of the nature of the words. One of my favourite things about music and lyrics in particular is the chance to create your own version of a story, a personal interpretation of a songs meaning, source or dedication. Often I mistake words or purpose and develop a completely opposed idea of the song to it's origins. However I think it's part of what makes music important. The fact it can be relative to a person in a different way to another listener. But to you my poet (You know who you are) I say thank you. It's the little reminders that beauty can exist in the simple things, the sharing between two people, a simple exchange. Even doing the dishes can make someone's day. A smile can remind someone that there's something to smile about. Sometimes we forget to let the people we care about know we care about them. Or that we listen when they speak. Or that we miss them when they're gone. Or that we don't mean to be angry or sad at them but that sometimes we're just angry and sad. I found this poem online. It's not mine but I did think it was sweet. <em> A<a href=""> Pebble in the sand.</a> I think I'll never truly understand what it is that binds some people together in ways that make them inseparable. Traumatic events often bring people together and leave them with a new found connection that lasts for a lifetime if not more. Then there are those "chance encounters" where two or more people meet and instantly feel some uncanny connection, as if they'd known each other for lifetimes; and perhaps they have! I guess there's a myriad of circumstances that can bind a special and lasting friendship,and rather than try to analyze how and why, it's probably better to just appreciate and enjoy it. I found such a one a few years ago and despite the playful antagonism we have for one another, there is a spiritual connection that I felt the very first day we met. A recent distress call to her for help and she didn't think twice about coming to the rescue. This poem is dedicated to her and a friendship that somehow transcends the norm. Her nickname is Pebbles!</em> To the dog and the worm! Keep Smiling :) Sarah-Beth xx

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