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Possibly one of the hardest things we may ever have to do in life but yet here we are stumbling through our time until we reach the end. Saying goodbye to a loved one is perhaps one of the most difficult things I've ever had to face. But you need to make peace with your own regrets so you can let that person go.

As I write this blog music drifts in from another room. Much to my amusement it is my old acquaintance Lana Del Rey and the song Born to Die which you might remember me speaking about before. However I find myself questioning the song or 'critiquing' in a different way from before. I am not questioning persona through a feminist stance but instead mulling over the idea of songs theme and the glamourisation of death. This martyr-like admiration isn't new in music. In fact most prize it a badge of honour to show self destruction and demise. And we as a celebrity obsessed society celebrate such characters such as the fallen rock and pop stars of yester year - james morrison, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, marilyn Monroe, sid and Nancy, jeff Buckley, kurt cobain and amy Winehouse to name but a small few. Whether it was drug abuse or mental health problems, as an audience we hold fascination both in awe and disgust for the superstars we admire for thier 'talent' and whom we observe with interest during thier demise and imminent exit. So why is the prospect of death and indeed suffering so appealing a quality in our heroes and idols? Is it again an attribute to idiolise the suffering in others as some kind of sacrifice? I'm leaving this question open to you



My big brother the rockstar! :D

Keep Smiling :) Cause sometimes that's all you can do! Sarah-Beth xx

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