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So I was thinking about the year I've had and wish that I'd kept a diary of everything that's happened. Not that I could forget. It's been a year of tragedy.

2013 . . . unlucky 13 is true enough!

However as i look back over these blogs i find some worth in my reflections. The main focus being the focus point for my MA project. This was a stump point as though my project was a whirlpool ideas, at the core the focus drifted and was in need of some anchoring.

if nothing else death puts life into focus.

I find myself asking questions and adressing life.

I find my focus becomes a source of energy pulling me whether i will it or not.

And paying tribute becomes a reason for writing.

Whether it's therapy, closure or dedication. a readjustment helps. Helps to heal. So now that i've been building up ideas and focus through the writing now is the time to put the work into action.

So i look forward to the MA to carry me into a new year.

A new life

A new beginning

I don't want much. I just want happiness.

I want everything

Keep Smiling :)

Sarah-Beth xx


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