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   Performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 in POISONED


  BOX revolution's Production of Tom Moriarty's POISONED at this years festival recieved a successful run!

  Looking forward to going back next year with another all new challenging show. BOX focus on new writing

  that is gender neutral.

  Played JOANNE, an endagered starrcrossed lover faced with the ultimate sacrifice for the one she loves.


   The much awaited sequel in the Unknown Saga    


   SEQUENCE is Part 2 of the Unknown Saga by Tom Moriarty and is currently in pre-production for release in

   2015 by BOX Revolution Productions.


   Playing ADRIANNA.


   SELL-OUT performance of HIDDEN Directed by Beth Morton  


  BOX Revolution's successful sell-out run of HIDDEN by Tom Moriarty. Part 1 of the Unknown Saga.


  Played JULIA. Also starring Barrie Hunter and Sam Stoyle


   Filming the TRAVIS video for the release of  "Where I Stand"  


   Was great fun filming and you can see Blair Young from Forrest of Black in the background! :)

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